How to Party on Jakarta Poker – Making The Most of It

Jakarta Poker is one of the world’s leading poker room. Ton of traffic? Sure why not. Soft games? You know it. Great bonuses & VIP program? Heh, well it has got that in spades.

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If you’ve not heard of Jakarta Poker by now, I’ve got one questions for you: Where have you been hiding Mr? In this short article, I’m going to share my 6 months of blood, sweat and tears with you. Buckle up tight because it’s going to be a great ride.

With over 30,000 players online during peak hours, Jakarta Poker is actually Indonesian’s largest poker room. Whatever game you want to find, you can find it at Jakarta Poker. Multi-table tournaments, SNG’s and cash games are all spread by Jakarta Poker. To take advantage of Jakarta Poker’s great traffic make sure to login between the hours of 19:00GMT & Midnight or on weekends. If you don’t like to play at very social hours, Jakarta Poker is still a strong option, but you will just not feel the love in the same way.

Now for my favourite part, I’m going to tell you what a Jakarta Poker Bonus is and how to take advantage of it. Depositing at a poker room is a sign of trust and in return the majority of poker sites give you a bonus. Like anything you can shop around. 1 month the Jakarta Poker Bonus might be $500 and the next month it could be lower. Even during the same time period some websites will offer more lucrative bonuses and maybe even freebies to reward you for your sign up. Go on Google and search around, it’s always worth it. Look for reputable poker affiliates, preferably with live support.

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Now that you have your bonus, you need to clear it. The more tables being played at once, the faster your bonus will clear. Be careful not to play too many though as the more tables you play the harder it becomes. I noticed that my maximum was actually around 4 or 5 before I started losing.

So stick with a low number of tables, clear that bonus and use that time where you’re getting an increased return to evaluate if Jakarta Poker is the right site for you. The software is easy to play with and get used to, with a ton of interchangeable themes. Let me know how you get on. Jakarta Poker isn’t my poker home anymore, but boy was it a great 6 months. Hope you’ve learned something.